Down The Rabbit Hole

Hi, my name is Sinclair Nitz and I am new to blogging. To get started, here are a few random facts about myself:
I love going on genuine picnics – the wicker basket, checkered cloth, cutlery and everything.
2.     My old phone was the most useless piece of rubbish ever, despite it looking very cool.
3.     Once I raise enough money, I am going on a trip with my friend to the Harry Potter resort in Orlando.
4.     My sister is sixteen and still hasn’t gotten her license.
5.     I have two dogs; Hugo and Holly. Hugo is the better liked.
6.     I exist all year just waiting for the summer when I play tennis, drink chocolate milk, write music lyrics, and slum around with the three coolest people ever.
7.     Today, I made a spin-off of Bob Dylan’s cue card video.
8.     In my school’s musical, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I play Augustus Gloup.
9.     My tennis coach is dating Emma Watson, and he promised me I could plan their wedding.
10. I am deathly afraid of my basement, and had a dream about it last night.
Alright, that's all for now. If you have any advice or tips do email me at , thanks!
2/17/2010 15:53:42

Sinclair, yayaayaya you have to post again. Sorry Samantha, I thought I might mention it....


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