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After recently seeing a trailer for the sure to be great Alice in Wonderland I became quickly inspired. The costumes and set look to be extremely colorful and fantastic, which is why, as Spring races to be here, I've decided to add another item to the list of coming Spring trends. I've decided that bold, bright colors are sure to be had. The actress in the movie Mia Wasikowska recently did a bright spread with Teen Vogue. Besides rocking a much shorter haircut than in the film for the pictures she also intense eye makeup and posed against popping backgrounds. For this season I'm seeing super bright, super happy prints and colors. Sonia Rykiel already designed a bright line for H&M. It features not only red shorts so bright it makes you gasp, but also sweaters with stand out designs usually manifested as large bow prints. And for those who want more subdued tones, black sweaters with just flashes of color. Now, I realize that this trend wasn't exactly debuting at fashion week , but I think it's important to remember that it's never too early to start your warm summer early, and isn't that what we're doing?
3/2/2010 07:52:37

Those colors weren't shown at fashion week because all the fashion weeks right now are for fall - they show early so we know what to wear when the time comes. If that makes sense...


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