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Teen Vogue has recently released its February issue into stores nationwide. And inside their top ten Spring fashion trends. I don't agree with all of them, mostly Alexander Wangs outer/underwear confusion. So I made up my own five. Starting at number one is the worlds favorite actress/model/turned  designer. Emma Watson has begun designing with the ethically conscience brand People Tree. This British brand uses funds to help stop poverty around the world. Thats reason enough to spend the money on these sure to be stylish dreads. If preppy is your style then be sure to check it out. (

1. All the clothes seen here can be purchased on the website. Except those adorable orange Hunter boots on Ms. Watson. Which are great in their own right. 
2. The second trend deemed possible by Teen Vogue is Surf City. Whether that means tie dye or neon splatter paint is for the fashionista herself to decide. But if it were up to me, I'd go Ray-ban's, a pair of Converse or Doc Martin's splatter painted by yours truly, and a Jay Godfrey one shoulder frock. It's just surfer enough to fit the trend, and girly enough to fit me.
3. Alexa Chung. After conquering American television with her show It's on with Alexa Chung (which has sadly been canceled) she has also managed to become a huge fashion sensation. This model has developed a unique sense of fashion which mixes all the classic styles into one. Of course, not without bringing great, but tall, shoes into the equation as well. 
Now we're down to the final two. Coming it at my number 4 slot is denim overalls. I know it seems strange, but it seems they are making a comeback. After the boom of jumpsuits it was just the next logical step. The most important thing to remember with these is: It's not the clothes, but it's how you wear them. 
On to the last number, but of course not the last in our hearts. Welcome back to the backpack revolution. Yep, you heard right the school time reality is returning. And not just Louis Vuitton is taking part. Mr. Alexander Wang has decided to add his designs into the mix also, creating a sleek, black leather satchel. This is the trend to watch, it will either fail big time, or make it....
2/18/2010 14:29:33

I love this blog already! And I like your 5 spring trends. Though I'm still figuring out how to work the overalls.

2/18/2010 15:40:33

I love a lot of these things! However, I thought that Emma Watson's collection was so so, but then again it's organic and we should support Ben's fiance. I have also taken a liking to jean overalls, but I prefer the jean romper overall type. And I am obviously distraught about Alexa, but I heard they are going to make her a new show.

2/19/2010 13:17:39

Love Alexa. But don't think I'll be loving overalls.
Nice blog.


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